“In a world of absolutes, everything is not what it seems to be. Perfection is beyond our common understanding and imperfection bedazzles us. What once seemed to be a couple of misfits, now seem to blend in perfectly in the tide of change and harmony.”

“Scribbled in a running script, she was an affair in herself.
Never easy to read, with a distinct character of call.
Her idiosyncrasies were for her to mind,
Passionate in stance, she was true to all her sides.”

“The collection is inspired by the works of Spanish sculptor and architect, Eduardo Chilida. His works were primarily based on the metamorphosis of space and how memory, mind and matter function with respect to each other. The collection is a narrative analogy of two lovers through volumes of spatial separation.”

“Let’s talk about their spirits, a spirit so untamed and daring, yet bare, quaint, atypical and endearing. The spirit that was one among the thousands, she was distinct in her strides and bold with her vices. Maia, the new collection brings out DE’ANMA woman in the light in which she always appears and impresses. The handcrafted pieces are inspired from this unsung tribe of women who are fierce and well-abled to leave a mark.”

“Waters colliding nearby. You being you.
Time, it is just another dimension passing by as you go.
Holding the gaze and letting it slide, just pause for a moment.
You are the mood.”