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Our pieces are made in India

All our pieces are handcrafted with love by our artisans. Because they are handmade, each piece is one of a kind; no two pieces are exactly the same.

All jewelry pieces are made from brass and coated with gold or silver plating.

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your jewelry is simple with a little care and attention. Here are some tips to keep your pieces looking pristine for years to come:

Wearing: Make it a habit to put your jewelry on as the final touch when getting ready in the morning, and remove it before your nightly routine. This prevents exposure to substances like water, lotions, and perfumes which can cause tarnishing and damage.

Storage: Store your jewelry in an airtight container to protect it from tarnishing. Our pieces come with a Ziplock for this purpose, ensuring their plating remains intact. You can either keep them in the provided ziplock or transfer them to an airtight jewelry box.

Cleaning: Gently clean your jewelry using a microfiber cloth or a specialist jewelry cleaning cloth. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or polishes, as they may damage the plating.

Rings: When washing your hands, it’s best to remove rings to prevent contact of the rings with chemicals.

Earrings: Apply hairspray and perfume before putting them on to avoid contact with the jewelry.

Neckpieces: Apply perfume before wearing them to prevent any potential damage. Brass jewelry is sweat-sensitive, so try to keep the neck area dry.

Nose pins: Regular cleaning before and after wearing is advisable to prevent infections as the product is made from brass.

Hair Accessories: Apply hairspray before putting them on and handle hair sticks gently to avoid damage.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your jewelry remains as beautiful as the day you first wore it!

We are bummed you don’t love what you bought, but we’re happy to offer options to make sure you are satisfied. If there is an issue with your order, you have 24 hours to request for a replacement. To begin with the process, email us at sales.deanma@gmail.com with your order number and pictures of the issue. Cost of the courier (including the original packaging) sent to us will be borne by you. Cost of shipping the new piece to you will be borne by us. We do not offer refunds or exchanges for reasons other than manufacturing defects.


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