Candle Snuffer in brass


Use this beautiful old-fashioned candle snuffer to safely extinguish candles or lantern flame at an arm’s length without the worry of blowing hot wax everywhere, and minimizing the smoke and soot, especially for indoor areas.

Candle snuffers have been used for centuries for extinguishing flames safely, particularly of tall candles. This was a way to protect the walls and other items around it from soot.

The top bell has swivel for easy use. The beautiful brass colour is the perfect addition on your console table or tray for a simple but elegant look.

The Candle Snuffer also serves as an ideal gifting piece for a new home or an ardent candle love.

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Brass with Lacquer


Avoid use of chemicals; wipe with a soft clean damp cloth if needed.

Candle Snuffer in brass